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History of EGRSE

EGRSE Journal has a long and rich history. Publishing of articles related to professional geophysical problems tends back to the journal named Applied Geophysics issued as Proceedings. It was issued by company Applied Geophysics in locality Brno- Řečkovice, now non-existing yet.

History of development of the journal is following:

  • By the year 1993 was issued as Proceedings of Geological Sciences. Applied Geophysics, ISSN 0036-5319.
  • From 1994 up to 2004 it was the printed journal; EGRSE. Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Environment (Print), ISSN 1211-359X.
  • From 2005 to present this journal is issued in the electronic form as CD-ROM. EGRSE. Exploration Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Environment (CD-ROM), ISSN 1803-1447.

Long-time Editor in chief it was doc. RNDr. L. Pospíšil. From 2008 he was replaced by RNDr. F. Ryšavý.

Recent effort of the editorial board is to issue the journal in the next information medium; there are websites of the Association of Czech geophysicists. The journal would have simultaneously two carriers based on ISSN numbers; the online carrier of websites and the existing electronic carrier CD-ROM.